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European Youth Music is a collaborative venture dedicated to inspiring, challenging and developing young people by providing unique opportunities to be creative through music-making.

Through our work, we aim to:

  • Inspire young people to build on their own personal musical experiences;

  • Challenge young people to stretch themselves in a supportive and welcoming environment;

  • Develop musicianship and musicality between our young people through professional guidance;

  • Be creative and innovative when designing music projects and events to suit the needs of specific individuals or groups by providing unique opportunities.

Through our work, young people:


  • Make strong and lasting local, national and international friendships with fellow musicians;

  • Experience a high level of music making by creating and sharing music with young people, professionals and audiences alike;

  • Develop their ability to speak different languages, particularly English;

  • Develop their leadership and ensembles skills alongside confidence and independence;

  • Take pride in themselves and the music they create.

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